About Distraction Box

Distraction Box was founded by two old friends (rival competitive swimmers actually!) and their passion for health & wellness. We’ve created a wellbeing postal box for the mind. Each box contains between 5 & 8 handpicked products to creatively distract the mind and brighten your day. This can include different luxurious treats; exciting games; relaxing bath salts; crafts; mindfulness sessions; foodie treats and much more!

To achieve total wellness, you need to work on your mind and not just your body. Taking time out to be creative and/or ‘just be’ is one of the ways to reach this higher level of wellbeing.
And we want to help you get there.

We hope you enjoy your journey to total wellness.


Rachael & Sam


Rachael Field

After a 12 year career working in marketing with some of the World’s biggest brands, such as Iberia Airlines and T-Mobile, Rachael had to leave the job she loved so much behind her.

She underwent major spinal surgery and other health challenges that meant she had to re-think her career and life choices. This journey to total wellness began in 2011. During her physical recovery, Rachael also spent time working on her mind to stay focused and positive during a stressful life change. She quickly learnt how to distract herself from the physical pain of her condition and the emotions that come with it, by taking time out to do creative activities or to just ‘be’.

Distraction Box was born out of Rachael’s passion and drive for total wellness and the learnings she took onboard during an emotionally turbulent time. She brings her business background, total wellness journey and passion for life to Distraction Box.

Dr Samantha Birch

For 15 years, Senior University Lecturer, Dr Samantha Birch, has researched and publically spoken at National and International conferences about the effects of physical and mental stress on the human body.

Juggling her high pressure career with being a single Mother of two has also given Samantha first-hand experience of the effects that physical and mental stress can have on the body and mind. Taking time out to distract her mind away from the emotions that such a busy lifestyle can bring, has become part of her management plan to be a successful career woman and Mother.

Keeping up to date with the latest research and trends for overall health and wellness has always been at the core of Samantha’s work. She is now bringing this knowledge to Distraction Box, by sourcing partners and brands whose products are a healthy distraction and promote a healthy mind.