I have always considered myself to be a pretty strong woman until 12 months ago when I went through a very traumatic experience of losing both my parents.
This sent me into a world of turmoil which I wasn’t used to and for a while I couldn’t see a way out! Until I received a Distraction Box!
What I loved most about the box is that there were items in there that I wouldn’t have considered before but really made a difference. The box made me concentrate on myself for a while and took me away from the overwhelming emotions I had dealing with my grief.

Luisa37 years, West Midlands

As a very busy working mom of 2 boys I rarely made time for myself. I loved the idea of the distraction box and the reality was even better! It ‘MADE’ me take time out and focus on relaxing my body and mind. I look forward to it arriving each month and planning some ‘me’ time. It’s introduced me to new brands I would never have found otherwise

Kate TrumanPolice Sergeant and mum of 2 boys